Alexa Google Dashboard gets new Security and Privacy Update

Google Dashboard gets new Security and Privacy Update

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Google Dashboard gets new Security and Privacy Update

In the light of events regarding security and privacy, Google has announced a fresh upgrade of its privacy and security dashboard. Although there aren’t any drastic changes, the new upgrade is a one-stop shop for checking and changing your privacy settings, opting out of personalized ads and seeing which third-party services have access to your data.

The announcement was made in a blog post by Google. It said that the main dashboard that was launched in 2009 has been ‘redesigned from the ground up’. Although launched in 2009, the Dashboard has grown into a far more comprehensive service.

With the new announcement, Google also shared a number of new metrics for the Dashboard that includes tools like My Account and My Activity, which have high recommendations to be used. These are portals that allow the users to see all Google activity like deleting search activity, and managing activity across various Google products like search, Maps, and YouTube.

In addition to the new features, Google also shared some numbers on how many people are using specific tools available in the dashboard. According to this, hundreds of people visit My Account Dashboard each year, and ‘tens of millions’ of people have used Google’s Privacy Checkup. Also, nearly a million users use Google Takeout, a tool that lets the user export data.

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