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Instagram rolls out new focus portrait mode

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Instagram rolls out new focus portrait mode

Instagram comes up with a new feature resembling iPhone X’s portrait mode. The new mode name is Focus and this application will make you spend more time on the app. Talking more about Focus, it was much talked before the update and this feature is not like others, this mode concentrates on background instead of focusing on the person to give a professional look.

Focus will be next to the Superzoom function next to the record button. This software is not available for all phones currently, it works in iPhone SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, and X and also selected android devices.

Focus mode covers both background segmentation and face detection in lieu of using dual cameras to enable the effect to take place. This feature is ahead of Snapchat and Instagram is making different versions of existing features.

 How does Focus mode work?

First of all, you should open Instagram and then at the bottom of the screen scroll through the options and select the mode. Later click on the subject similar to taking a regular photo then the background of the picture will get blurred automatically.

After clicking the photo add it to Instagram story, it can either be sent to friends or saved on your phone.

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