Miami Dade College now has a state-of-art Cybersecurity training center

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Miami Dade College now has a state-of-art Cybersecurity training center

Miami Dade College has announced that it will be providing cutting-edge cybersecurity training while unveiling its Cybersecurity Center. This kind of training will help fill-up the huge deficit the country has in the field of cybersecurity as cyber threats increase by the day.

The Miami Dade College said in a statement that this will help fill more than 285,000 cybersecurity jobs across that are currently up grabs but there are not enough people trained to fill up these positions. 12,000 of these jobs are located within Florida. The Training Facility was inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Events, educational amenities, speakers, etc are going to be part of the new cybersecurity center to be a part of the community outreach in order to bring about more awareness of security in the cyberspace.

The main force powering the new facility is Cyberbit Ltd. According to sources, Cyberbit Ltd. is a major source behind the new Cyber Range training facility that was also inaugurated alongside the new center. The training platform will use simulations to train students to identify and stop cyber attacks. The facility has been built to give the students a professional feel. The President of Miami Dade College said that MDC’s “new facility will offer the most advanced technology to train the new generation of cybersecurity experts.”

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