Alexa Media and Entertainment firms experiencing more cyber attacks

Media and Entertainment firms experiencing more cyber attacks

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Media and Entertainment firms experiencing more cyber attacks

Online media streaming services are on high demand due to lockdown.  Theaters being locked for uncertain period, online media platforms and other streaming services are the only option to watch your entertainment. With this said, media and entertainment sector is more exposed to cyber threats.  “Cybercriminals have recognized the opportunities that online platforms represent for celebrities, sports teams, and the media and entertainment industry as a whole, and seek to exploit their market presence and revenue potential,” the researchers say.

Cybercriminals are able to exploit companies in this field through a host of different means, including using offensive and threatening content, pirating goods, counterfeiting tickets, taking over user accounts, making use of impersonations, launching data breaches and other instances of cyber-crime.

The findings suggest that companies in the media and entertainment industry are confronted by a unique set of cyber threats which the industry, as a whole, needs to be overcome.

The report lays out a series of key findings that demonstrate the unique cyber threats faced by companies whose products relate to media such as film, print, radio, and television.

For example, the report found that impersonations, leaked information and pirated content remain the top cyber threats faced by brands in the industry. All-in-all, 7.3% of attacks were impersonations, 6% involved counterfeited or pirated content, 5.2% involved threats, and a further 1.4% involved the compromising of personal data.

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