Alexa Microsoft seeks to acquire cybersecurity firm Mandiant
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Microsoft seeks to acquire cybersecurity firm Mandiant

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Microsoft seeks to acquire cybersecurity firm Mandiant

According to people familiar with the discussions, Microsoft Corporation is considering acquiring cybersecurity firm Mandiant Inc. This deal would increase efforts to protect customers from breaches and hacks.

It is still unsure if the deliberations would result in an offer, said the people associated with the deal. Shares of Mandiant rose by more than 18%, while those of Microsoft were up by 1.1%.

Mandiant became a standalone entity again last year when FireEye Inc sold its product business and the FireEye brand name for $1.2billion to a consortium led by private-equity company Symphony Technology Group.

Adding Mandiant would build up Microsoft’s arsenal of products for protecting customers and responding to cybersecurity threats. The software goliath acquired two smaller cybersecurity companies last year and reported that it had amassed $15 billion in cybersecurity software sales in 2001, up almost 45% from a year prior.

Microsoft last year appointed former Inc. cloud executive Charlie Bell to oversee its security efforts and said it had 3,500 employees working to safeguard clients from semiconductors chips to the cloud.

Mandiant has a market capitalization of about $3.6 billion. The company focuses on cybersecurity testing and cyber-incident response.

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