It is a trial period for Microsoft's feature ‘Bali'

Cyber Security

It seems that Microsoft wants to champion user security and beat up against many odds pertaining to data breach.

Microsoft research team is secretively working on a project named “Bali” which helps users control their data. It is speculated that the project is under testing before release. This feature was first discovered by a Twitter user Longhorn who describes it as “a project that can delete all your connection and account information (inverseprivacyproject).”

Bali is a concept based on inverse privacy; let me tell you the difference between private and inversely private. Private is basically your information that nobody knows and inversely private is somebody having your information but you don’t. Microsoft’s goal is to minimize inverse privacy.

Bali will be your personal data bank which collects your information and store wherein, only you can view and manage.

Bali page is created for early testers; they can enter a code to avail the project. People who have not received the code can ask for it.

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