Nixu makes its third business acquisition

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Nixu makes its third business acquisition

Nixu, a Swedish cyber security company that helps firms embrace digitization securely, procured some part of Vesper Group’s cyber security business.

This is the third procurement Nixu has made till date. These acquisitions will intensify Nixu’s position by becoming one of the top cyber security providers in Sweden.

Speaking about the acquisition, Nixu’s CEO, Petri Kairinen said, “The European cybersecurity market is fragmented and offers growth potential both organically and via acquisitions. Vesper Group selling its cybersecurity business and starting a partnership with Nixu is a clear sign that the market requires special, dedicated expertise, which is a key competitive advantage of Nixu.”

Petri added that Vesper would contribute to the growth of Nixu by providing more and more services and making it more profitable.

Nixu is climbing the ladder of success really fast. In the year 2018, the company had a turnover of €40.1 million. With the procurement of Vesper Group, it is thinking of concentrating on cyber threat intelligence, including both: identifying data breach and threat hunting.

The question that remains to be answered is “What is Nixu’s target for the coming years?”

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