OpenIDEO hosts a contest to reimagine cybersecurity stock images

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OpenIDEO hosts a contest to reimagine cybersecurity stock images

Whenever we think of cybersecurity, our visualization usually comes with an ominous stock-art image of a hacker in a hoodie, typing on a laptop in a darkened room.

But now we can move beyond those visuals of a “hooded man and a dark room,” with the OpenIDEO’s new Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge. This contest is to reimagine the visual language of cybersecurity with more focus on representative imagery.

OpenIDEO, a Civic & Social design firm based in San Francisco is hosting a contest to encourage people to reimagine cybersecurity stock images and to make images that are eye-catching, informative, and clear.

Last month, OpenIDEO in association with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (private organization) issued an open call for cybersecurity-related image submissions with plans to award $7,000 for the winners.

Contestants can now submit their ideas until August 16th. By September 4th, shortlisted winners will be announced. The final five winners will receive $500 each and even a mentorship period to finish up their plans and design a final submission.

Finally, all the winning submissions have to consent to free licensure through Creative Commons. According to OpenIDEO, some of the top ideas will be announced on October 24th, and the $7,000 prizes will be awarded.

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