Purdue University starts a Certified Ethical Hacker course

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Purdue University starts a Certified Ethical Hacker course

Purdue University brings out its new online version of its course to get a Certified Ethical Hacker exam and earn a certification that can help in boosting their career in cybersecurity.

Ethical hackers are busy hacking innocent people who work with organizations to recognize and address network and system vulnerabilities that can be misused by hackers.

This certified course strengthens Purdue’s highly ranked cybersecurity programs and faculty and its online course design expertise to bring the students a course tailored for online learning with a definite Purdue stamp on it.

“This course is above and beyond, really, what they can get anywhere else,” said Marcus Rogers, a cyberforensics professor in Purdue’s Department of Computer and Information Technology and executive director of the Purdue Cyber Security Education and Network Training Resource program.

“It’s a good foundational course that allows you to move in several directions,” said Ida Ngambeki, assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Technology at Purdue, whose research focuses on cybersecurity education.

The course is available to information technology professionals in business, government, military and other firms with two or more years of experience.

The course covers topics like introduction to ethical hacking, threats like malware and denial of service attacks, hijacking web servers and applications, hacking wireless networks and mobile devices; evading firewalls and other protective systems; and cryptography.

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