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Security updates in iOS 12 you may have missed

Cyber Security

Security updates in iOS 12 you may have missed

Apple’s latest mobile software iOS 12 is already up and running. The software packs in a bunch of new security features you’re already aware of. Let’s discuss some ways to exploit the full advantage of 5 important cybersecurity features in the new upgrade.

The USB Restricted Mode prevents any plug-in devices from connecting to your iPhone - given that the phone has been locked for more than an hour. The feature which pretty much seemed to restrict police officials from accessing your phone also prevents hackers from using tools to surpass the lock screen security and get your data.

Periodic updates to iOS always come with minor security patches to prevent crashes or data theft. But, how often do we update our phones? The new iOS 12 will now automatically update your phones, in the background saving you downtime. All that needs to be done is to turn on this feature and forget.

Apple unleashes the power of brute-forcing by amending passcodes to hold two extra digits, from four to six. But little did we know that a number-only code of any length can be set, and entered using the keypad stuck to the lock screen itself. The iOS 12 also has a new feature that makes two-factor authentication less annoying – now, it just auto fills the code. Just remember to turn on the feature, and follow the instructions.

At last, the password manager of iOS 12 gets a new feature, called password auditing. It restricts you from using the same username and password for multiple sites and thereby diminishing the probability of password reuse attacks.

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