Singapore and US unite on cybersecurity for ASEAN

singapore and us association

Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) in its news release revealed the union of Singapore and The United States on a cybersecurity programme for ASEAN member states on Nov 16, Friday.

The two countries agreed to participate in the Singapore-US Cybersecurity Technical Assistance Programme for ASEAN Member States by signing a declaration of intent. CSA declared that they will further boost partnerships in regional cybersecurity capacity building. "This new partnership, which will see the active involvement of key local and international cyber industry players, will help to enrich the programme content and strengthen regional cybersecurity capacity," said CSA chief executive David Koh.

Recently Mike Pence, US Vice President visited Singapore regarding 33rd ASEAN Summit. This is when the signing of declaration of intent between CSA and the US department happened.

It is speculated that three cybersecurity training workshops will be held annually which deals with diverse subjects related to technical cybersecurity. CSA said that this programme can be considered as an extension to Singapore-US Third Country Training Programme Workshop on Cybersecurity and also as the union of both the countries on cybersecurity programme.