Alexa Sophos Acquires Braintrace in a Major Cybersecurity Takeover
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Sophos Acquires Braintrace in a Major Cybersecurity Takeover

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Sophos Acquires Braintrace in a Major Cybersecurity Takeover

In a major cybersecurity takeover, Sophos has acquired Braintrace. Braintrace’s NDR technology will enhance and extend Sophos’ Managed Threat Response (MTR), Rapid Response, and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions through integration into the Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem, which underpins all Sophos products and services.

The financial terms of the acquisition was not disclosed by Sophos. As part of the acquisition, Braintrace’steam of data scientists and security analysts has joined Sophos global Managed Threat Response (MTR) and Rapid Response teams.This means that Sophos’ MTR and Rapid Response services business has expanded rapidly, and will establish Sophos as one of the largest and fastest-growing MDR providers in the world.

“We’re particularly excited that Braintrace built this technology specifically to provide better security outcomes to their Managed Detection and Response (MDR) customers. It’s hard to beat the effectiveness of solutions built by teams of skilled practitioners and developers to solve real world cybersecurity problems,” said Joe Levy, chief technology officer, Sophos.

Sophos will deploy Braintrace’s NDR technology as a virtual machine, fed from traditional observability points such as a Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) port or a network Test Access Point (TAP) to inspect both north-south traffic at boundaries and east-west traffic within network. Further, Sophos plans to introduce Braintrace’s NDR technology for MTR and XDR in the first half of 2022.

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