Symantec has acquired Israeli startup Luminate

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Symantec has acquired Israeli startup Luminate

Symantec Corp has announced that it has bought the Israeli cybersecurity startup Luminate for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will help the cybersecurity giant extend its capabilities in cyber defense.

The Tel-Aviv based Luminate was founded in 2017 and has so far raised as much as $14 million. The company was founded by technology and cybersecurity veterans and has a world-class team of security specialists. Luminate’s Zero-Trust Application Access will now extend the power of Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense.

Luminate’s CEO Ofer Smadari commenting on the buyout said: “As a partner, our integrations with Symantec were successful in reducing complexity and increasing security for joint customers. With this next step, we look forward to fully integrating across the entire portfolio and delivering even more innovation to offer complete security for the Cloud Generation.”

Incorporating Luminate into Symantec’s Cyber Defense will enhance its capabilities in security in the cloud era. Greg Clark, President and CEO of Symantec said: “Secure and private access is a cornerstone of cyber defense. We are excited to partner with the Luminate team and look forward to rapid delivery of this unique capability to our customers and continuing to provide quantifiable value to their cloud journey.”

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