TRA and SENAAT sign pact for the betterment of UAE’s cybersecurity

two countries sign cybersecurity pact

A pact is signed between The Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority (TRA) and SENAAT General Holding, an industrial investment firm.

What is the pact about?

This pact helps in easy knowledge exchange, notifies about the potential cyber attacks, viruses and hacking. It serves to be a complete cybersecurity package.

“The TRA has rich experience in the field of information security and is well-equipped to combat piracy and cyber-attacks. We have gained this know-how after years of hard work and have spared no effort to train the human capital and offer them, especially Emiratis, a platform to grow and perform,” said Eng. Mohammed Gheyath, executive director, Information Security Regulatory Affairs, TRA.

He added that this MoU with SENAAT is an adherence for federal and government organizations and private sector to execute cyber security practices.

Since last decade, UAE has observed immense digital revolution. There has been intensified  cross-border data that is bridging UAE with other parts of the world.

According to the two country agreement, the Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) will act in place of TRA. The aeCERT team will provide help by intimating and guiding about the cyber threats and it makes sure that the affiliates get better results. This team will be in touch with the authorities and will handle the database with details of international and local aeCERT teams.