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UnityPoint Health breached again

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UnityPoint Health breached again

The healthcare company UnityPoint Health has disclosed that it has yet again suffered a data breach. The news comes four months after it was breached first. They are now in the process of informing 1.4 million people who may have been affected by the data breach. The details compromised include personal data, driver’s license numbers, health-related records and Social Security Numbers. The data breach may have even compromised some of the patients’ bank account details and card payments.

A few months ago, another data breach had affected about 16,400 patients that are tended to by the Iowa based healthcare chain. UnityPoint Health tried to contain the breach as it happened. In a statement, they said, “Upon learning of this attack, UnityPoint Health launched an investigation with an expert computer forensics firm to determine the size and scope of the attack as well as the number of people potentially impacted.”

The breach came about due to a phishing attack on the employees’ email accounts. Although they have not found any misuse of data post the data breach, from July 20, 2018, the healthcare company has started sending out mails to their customers to break the news on company’s cybersecurity lapse.

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