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Home technology cyber-security as US-Irish relations strengthen, cybersecurity continues to expand

As US-Irish relations strengthen, cybersecurity continues to expand

Cyber Security

As US-Irish relations strengthen, cybersecurity continues to expand

Over the next seven years, Ireland's cybersecurity industry is expected to experience significant expansion, providing enormous prospects for both Irish start-ups and SMEs and US multinational corporations.

The national cyber security cluster organisation, Cyber Ireland, brings together business, academia, and the government to reflect the requirements of the Irish cyber security ecosystem.

Although it has its headquarters in Cork, Cyber Ireland is a national organisation with about 140 members from all over the country, including cybersecurity firms like Trellix, IBM, Malwarebytes, and many others.

The organisation also includes a number of Irish SMEs and startups in the industry, as well as diverse US giants like HPE, MasterCard, Optum, and Qualcomm with cyber security teams in Ireland.

A recent report from Cyber Ireland and Cyber Skills underlined the significance of this US-Irish cybersecurity partnership. According to the research, there are already around 500 cybersecurity businesses operating in Ireland that employ 7,300 individuals, with multinational corporations accounting for seven out of ten positions.

Ireland has the potential to increase its cybersecurity workforce to more than 17,000 by 2030, according to the same analysis, the first of its kind to map the Irish cybersecurity market.

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