Vision Direct suffers a data breach

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Vision Direct suffers a data breach

Vision Direct, the optical retailer has revealed that personal and financial details of some of its customers were compromised. The data theft occurred between 3rd November and 8th November. The cybersecurity compromise apparently happened when the data was being uploaded on the visiondirect.co.uk website.

The company said that the breach had been taken care of and that their website is now working normally. Further, the company clarified that the data breach issue happened for the website and not from the Vision Direct database.

Vision Direct is currently in the process of contacting all the affected customers and will reach out to all those affected over the next few days. They are asking its customers who logged onto visiondirect.co.uk or created a new account here between 12.11 am GMT on 3rd November and 12.52 pm GMT on 8th November to contact their banks or credit card providers.

Vision Direct is currently investigating into the matter. If you are a customer and have any queries with regard to the data breach then you can call their customer services team on 020 7768 5000 from the UK and 1800 870 0741 from the U.S.


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