Alexa AWS Has Three New Analytics Capabilities

AWS Has Three New Analytics Capabilities

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AWS Has Three New Analytics Capabilities

At AWS re: Invent, AWS announced three new analytics capabilities that are going to remarkably improve the performance of Amazon Redshift data warehouses, make moving and combining data across data stores easier. It will also make it easier for the end-users to derive more value from their business data using ML.

To accelerate querying in Amazon Redshift, AQUA has been announced. It will bring the compute to the storage and deliver up to query performance, which is ten times better than any other cloud data warehouse. Its general availability is coming in 2021. Secondly, the cloud behemoth has announced AWS Glue Elastic Views, which will help developers build applications that use data from multiple data stores with materialized views that automatically combine and replicate data across storage, data warehouses, and databases.

Lastly, Amazon QuickSight Q will deliver an ML-powered capability for Amazon QuickSight.

“With the capabilities we're announcing today, we're delivering an order-of-magnitude performance improvement for Amazon Redshift, new flexible ways to more easily move data between data stores, and the ability for customers to ask natural language questions in their business dashboards and receive answers in seconds,” said Rahul Pathak, VP, Analytics, AWS. “These capabilities will meaningfully change the speed and ease of use with which customers can get value from their data at any scale.”

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