Bunch offers Analytical insights into Company culture

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Bunch offers Analytical insights into Company culture

Bunch is a newly found startup that operates out of Berlin, Germany. Although quite small, it has big things on its sights. It aims to be something akin to a “Google Analytics for company culture”. It basically offers a SaaS package that helps companies quantify their internal company culture and use this data as the basis to screen job candidates to help ensure that they will also be a good fit.

The idea here is to able to highlight any potential cultural fit issues that can be teased out during a subsequent interview by specifically mapping out company culture data against that provided by a job applicant. The software is actually based on the “organizational culture diagnosis” model developed by Charles O’Reilly from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

So how does Bunch work? Well, the way it goes is, when a company signs up for the SaaS package and its teams take a 5-minute culture assessment based on the O’Reilly model, data is collected and then used to create a culture profile for the company and each of its teams, mapped onto 6 key dimensions: Results-orientation, Adaptability, Collaborative, Detail-orientation, Principles and Customer-orientation. While the company does this, new applicants to the company are tasked with taking an automated culture quiz that Bunch checks against the team and company profile.

The resulting report by Bunch contains the candidate’s “behavioral tendencies” as well their potential fit with the company and the premise is that hiring managers can make more informed decisions but also use any conflicts as a jumping off point during a subsequent interview to really drill down into how well they integrate or what cultural value they could in fact add.

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