Alexa Lexalytics launches Industry pack loaded with Text Analytics software

Lexalytics launches Industry pack loaded with Text Analytics software

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Lexalytics launches Industry pack loaded with Text Analytics software

Lexalytics, the industry leader in providing text analytics software, has announced the launch of the ecommerce Industry Pack, a specialized and tailored version of the company’s text analytics software. It is aimed at online retailers and will help them enhance the customer experience, including checkout and payments, shipping and delivery and also help them increase their website’s overall performance.

“As the eCommerce industry continues to boom and mature, marketers need an easy way to analyze the deluge of data around customer experience to ensure their site is more efficient, easier to use and more interesting than any of the latest crop of ‘exciting’ startups,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics.

The product uses a combination of AI technologies to get the insights. The ecommerce industry pack uses Lexalytics’ vast knowledge in natural language processing, something it pioneered in, and when that is coupled with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence technologies, it helps online retailers gain insights from large amounts of data.

The retailers can quickly use the feedback from the analyzed data to cover correlations that are not obvious to the human brain. For instance, if there is a negative customer feedback during the peak season on shipping issues. They can use the ecommerce industry pack to find out if they were due to a single carrier or anything else that might help them.

“We can help them ensure that any issues are quickly addressed while they’re still manageable, well before they get to the point that customers and careers are adversely affected,” said Jeff Catlin. “The eCommerce Industry Pack is our latest offering to help customers in specific vertical industries get valuable insights, right out of the box.”

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