Revulytics enhances In-Application Messaging in its Software Usage Analytics Solution

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Revulytics enhances In-Application Messaging in its Software Usage Analytics Solution

Revulytics wants to build enhanced and personalized customer experiences now. The software usage analytics solutions provider has just announced Revulytics™ Usage Intelligence v5 for that very reason. With enhanced ReachOut™ functionality for Windows, macOS, and Linux applications, it enables software providers to create highly personalized customer experiences driven by dynamic in-application messaging and usage analytics insight.

With product managers of distributed software continue to look for ways to more closely connect with their customers and gain insight into product usage in order to build better products, the greater segmentation and personalization of in-application messages allows them to create holistic campaigns that drive users to dynamic landing pages yielding higher conversion rates for trial, upgrade and renewal offers.

“Our customers are seeing significant improvements in trial conversion and renewal rates through the ability to reach and message users based on their engagement level within the product,” said Keith Fenech, VP, Software Analytics at Revulytics. “This latest version of Revulytics Usage Intelligence affirms the value our customers are getting from ReachOut and their desire to do even more with it. With out-of-the-box reporting and visualization, customers can easily track the results of their campaigns along with product usage activity and trends.”

The latest release of the solution also offers HTTPS communications for the secure transmission of usage data from end user customer environments and allows the extension of usage data into other applications and platforms by using the Revulytics Reporting API to integrate with third party solutions.

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