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Splice Machine launches its application platform on Azure

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Splice Machine launches its application platform on Azure

Splice Machine has announced that it is releasing its intelligent application platform on the Azure cloud. Splice Machine’s Online Predictive Processing Platform is built to provide new-generation predictive data analytics applications that run both on-premises and also in the Azure cloud. Its availability on Microsoft Azure will give the admins ways to use the data platform while having the freedom to deploy on premises and also on Amazon Web Services and Azure.

The San Francisco-based start-up’s platform will help enterprises develop smarter predictive applications that will integrate fast data streaming, transactional workloads, analytics and machine learning, enabling business transformation at performance and scale. The platform will help companies migrate RDBMS applications at a bigger scale to the cloud as a full ANSI RDBMS and data warehouse in one. Even at billion of records Splice Machine’s analytical capabilities enable extremely analytical concurrency with standard connectivity to BI tools such as Tableau and MicroStrategy.

The CEO of Splice Machine, Monte Zweben said that it’ll replace or offload traditional and cloud-based RDBMS and Data Warehouse solutions and also simplify architecture, reduce cost, and improve scalability and performance. "Now, we have given customers the choice to deploy their applications on Splice Machine as a fully managed cloud service on Azure, AWS, or on-premise using affordable Hadoop clusters, but without the complexity of operating Hadoop,” he said.

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