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Cloudflare promises $1.25B to startups using its platform

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Cloudflare promises $1.25B to startups using its platform

Cloudflare, the performance, security, and reliability firm, said that it will help connect startups that use its serverless computing platform to dozens of venture films that have collectively offered to invest almost $1.25 billion in the firms out of their existing funds.

It is a splashy, smart incentive to entice more startups to use the now five-year-old product, which, according to Cloudflare, enables developers to build or augment apps without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.

In a related press release, Cloudflare notes that startups can scale so fast using the platform that Cloudflare acquired one in 2021: Zaraz, a startup that promises to speed up website performance with a single code line.

This funding program is all about Cloudflare aiming at tremendously lucrative services like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Speaking about the lucrative new offer, Matthew Price, Cloudflare’s CEO said he would not characterize it as stealing market share from anyone. He said it was a matter of earning market share, and the way you earn market share is by providing a better product at a more affordable price.

Cloudflare has named the platform Cloudflare Workers and takes the isolated technology inspired by the browser and makes it available as a developer platform.

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