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US ponders providing Ukraine Patriot missile defense systems

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US ponders providing Ukraine Patriot missile defense systems

Following months of Russian missile and drone attacks on Ukraine's power grid, cities, and civilian infrastructure, the US is putting the finishing touches on plans to give Ukraine its coveted Patriot missile-defense systems, according to US officials.

If the Biden administration follows through on its plan, the Patriot would be the most sophisticated system the US has given Ukraine since the war started in February.

According to the officials, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin could sign the order granting Patriot as soon as this week. The request would then need to be approved by President Biden. Requests for comment from the White House National Security Council were not immediately fulfilled.

Since Russia started attacking Ukraine's electricity grid and other critical infrastructure, the West has been contacted by Ukraine several times to supply Patriot missile batteries. The requests have become more urgent as the winter sets in and millions of Ukrainians are left in the dark.

The Patriot was one of many international responses to an infrastructure-focused war on Tuesday. Delegates from numerous nations and international organizations gathered in Paris and made aid commitments to Ukraine totaling more than 1 billion euros, or roughly $1.05 billion.

Delegates talked about how to give Ukrainians throughout the winter urgent access to water, energy, transportation, food, and healthcare.

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