3 Tips For Staying On Top Of SEO During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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3 Tips For Staying On Top Of SEO During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a host of new obstacles for businesses to overcome. But regardless of how much disruption there is currently, businesses still need to keep up with their SEO if they want to retain their positions in the SERPs. Here are three tips for maintaining a healthy SEO strategy during the current crisis.

Evaluate Your Current SEO Strategy

Before you can refine your SEO strategy, you first need to properly evaluate it. Without a clear picture of the state of your current approach, you won’t know which areas you need to focus on, or which parts of your strategy are the most effective. If you are going to formulate a new approach from scratch and you don’t have an existing base to build upon, it is a good idea to begin the process with a realistic assessment of what SEO can do for your business.

A great starting point is this article from the SEO company Compass Digital Strategies, which goes into some detail about how to measure the value of SEO. As well as providing general SEO services and digital marketing services, the Compass Digital Strategies website is a treasure trove of useful search engine optimization articles that answer common questions like “how do you measure SEO?”

It is important to have realistic expectations for your SEO strategy, whether you are going to be implementing a brand new strategy or refining an existing one.

Continue To Provide Value Through Your Digital Content Strategy

While the coronavirus outbreak is ongoing, most businesses are having to make adjustments to their marketing strategies. There are few businesses that are able to continue operating as normal during these times, but the level of disruption hasn’t been spread evenly - some businesses have been hit much harder than others. Regardless of the degree to which your usual operations have been disrupted, it is essential that businesses that are still operating are continuing to provide value to their customers.

Every business can do their bit to help their audience through the challenges that we are all currently facing. Some businesses are in a position to make material contributions to the fight against Covid-19, by supplying face masks, ventilators, and other essential equipment, for example. But even if you don’t have the resources needed to contribute those things, you can still do your part through your digital content strategy.

If your business website doesn’t yet have its own blog, now is the perfect time to put one in. In normal times, a blog is a relatively simple way of boosting your SEO and providing value to your audience. During the current pandemic, these opportunities are multiplied.

If you can link your digital content to Covid-19 in a natural and organic way, you can ride the wave of current interest and rack up your page views while also providing your audience with genuinely valuable content. However, be careful about shoehorning Covid-19 unnaturally into blog posts and articles - this will likely have the opposite effect.

Stay On Top Of Your Keyword Research

The pandemic has uprooted people’s daily lives and routines across the globe and, as a result, the way that internet users are using search engines has also changed. You should always have one eye on your keyword research so that you can be proactive in choosing targets for your SEO, but it is even more important to stay on top of your keyword research right now.

The impact of Covid-19 on some businesses has been devastating, and in some cases, there is little that they can do other than bunker down and wait out the storm. But there are also opportunities around for some businesses and industries, opportunities that might not be immediately obvious. By monitoring trending keywords and search terms, you can identify these opportunities and refocus your SEO accordingly.

Covid-19 has disrupted just about everything for most businesses, but there’s no reason it needs to kill your SEO strategy. In fact, with the right approach, you can tun the current crisis into an opportunity.

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