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AT&T on its acquisition spree acquires AppNexus now

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AT&T on its acquisition spree acquires AppNexus now

AT&T in an effort to step up its digital marketing efforts has acquired AppNexus. The telecom giant is intent on growing its rapidly expanding business and with this acquisition is already working on its advertising campaign.

After its recent merger with Times Warner, AT&T will now directly advertise with TV channels like TBS, CNN, and TNT. With it adding AppNexus to its portfolio of acquired companies, it’s become clear that the focus area for AT&T is TV advertising.

The $1.6 billion buyout is one of the biggest in digital ad platforms. AppNexus will help pair ads with the content online and offer tools to both the suppliers and buyers. The acquired company also helps advertisers find the best way their campaign will be effective. AppNexus will become part of the AT&T’s advertising and analytics division which will be run by Brian Lesser.

"The combination of AT&T advertising & analytics and AppNexus will help deliver a world-class advertising platform that provides brands and publishers a new and innovative way to reach consumers in the marketplace today," Brain lesser said in a news release.

With its newest acquisition, AT&T will be able to generate new revenue streams with its growing clout in the entertainment business. The company is very serious about competing with other giants like Google and Facebook who dominate the digital marketing landscape. It surely is making moves to step up its game.

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