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Digital Marketing gets personal touch with Hustle

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing gets personal touch with Hustle

A lot of texts, messages and emails about a political campaign, an irresistible offer at a store, fundraising and more are sent out to reach people and get their participation. But the people largely ignore these messages and emails. But every marketer knows this already. That’s why Hustle has come with a new technique that will grab the person’s attention and get the message across.

Hustle lets you send personalized messages and then change that into a persuasive one-on-one communication. Firstly, the businesses or companies assign their field agent or rep with a list of customer contacts, where they can text them from their own numbers and get them interested in their product or service.

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To understand how Hustle works, co-founder Roddy Lindsay explains, “People respond to people in a fundamentally different way than they respond to automated communication and bots.” Hustle works mainly on this concept and tries to make the communication as personal as possible.

Basically, the organizers build a database of customer contacts and write script templates. These templates are on the Hustle’s desktop app for the messages it wishes to send out. The field representatives are given a contact base to which they need to ping. The Hustle’s app automatically fills in the details of the customer’s name and how they got involved. And so the communication foundation is laid which is further built on.

People don’t pick up the phone as much anymore. Having a one-on-one conversation on text is the best way to get people to participate,” added Lindsay.

Depending upon the customer’s response, the progress is marked on Hustle’s analytics dashboard. Hustle is taking it a step further by partnering with payment processors and CRM systems. This enables them to automatically track when a customer is responding.

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