Digital trends in Photo printing

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Digital trends in Photo printing

Canon joins hand with Kite.ly in its pursuit to embed the Internet’s Print Button into any imaging app or website.  Canon initiates a venture to provide printing solutions to its users by through a built in app. The digital printing technologies of Canon are combined with the kite.ly’s easy- to- use solutions to meet yet another dream.

There is a growing need for customized products, which are most commonly preferred by the customers. So, in order to satisfy that, Canon took the initiative to develop a mobile e-commerce platform designed for in app printing.

The main advantage with kite.ly is that, other developers can embed this printing program into their own apps as well.  So, basically the technology of digital printing deals with developers developing graphics, which is then used by Kite.ly for creating, and shipping both the products as well as the programming framework to fulfill the needs.

“Bringing Kite.ly into the Canon group of companies is our latest move to expand Canon’s digital services offering, by making mobile printing ubiquitous,” Alberto Spinelli, senior director of digital services at Canon Europe, said.

Through the Kite.ly’s SDK and API code, developers can add a printing solution to their apps, allowing customers to purchase custom print products in-app without actually setting up their own printing and shipping center. By taking support from Canon, and by using the advanced technologies, Kite.ly is optimistic about the initiative and hopefully the print program will continue to operate independently.

“We are inspired that Canon shares our vision to become the internet’s print button, embedded into any imaging app or website.”
- Charlie Carpenter, CEO Kite.ly .

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