Facebook Recent Ad Activity lets you see the ads you've visited

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Facebook Recent Ad Activity lets you see the ads you've visited

With or without our knowledge, there are many times that we’ve been lured into Facebook ads. But because ads aren’t always permanently available anywhere, it can be impossible to find a Facebook ad that led somewhere you want to revisit. With the launch of Facebook Recent Ad Activity, you can simply click an ad you wish to revisit again.

Facebook Recent Ad Activity has been successfully rolled out all over U.S. and other countries may be part of further tests. If you want to access the Recent Ad Activity, it is located in the bookmarks sidebar of Facebook’s mobile apps and desktop site.

If you’re wondering how long back Facebook Recent Ad Activity can take you, it is nearly 3 months or so. All those ads you’ve clicked or liked or commented on or even shared for nearly 3 months can be revisited again. In addition, there is even a separate tab for those ads that you’ve intentionally saved.

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The new feature is a boon to many advertisers. With this, they can be remembered and also have a high chance of having users visit them again. Recent Ad Activity could let people click through an old ad and make a purchase or take another action the business cares about. This will also help Facebook take credit for taking you to the ad/site what you were looking for.

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