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Facebook reveals the biggest backers of political ads online

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Facebook reveals the biggest backers of political ads online

Facebook is the biggest digital marketing platform online and it has revealed the biggest spenders for the upcoming midterm polls with regard to political ads. The social media giant has released a report that indicates the number of ads and the money spent on them by companies.

The company has revealed that among the top-most spenders are Exxon Mobil Corp, Penzys Spices and Ben & Jerry’s. Facebook has disclosed that with the elections coming up soon, there has been an upsurge of political ads since May. The report has revealed that a total of $256.4 million has been spent on political ads since May.

Facebook’s Ad Archive Report can provide weekly updates on the amount of money spent on political ads that show up on the social media to encourage voting in the U.S. The report was introduced for the U.S as it is of national importance to know who the biggest political influencers are online.

Facebook’s Product Manager Arti Kulkarni said in her blog post “This report will help you more easily find information such as the total number of ads and spend in the archive; searchable tables to find exact spend by the advertiser; as well as top keywords searched”.

Beto for Texas promoting the Democratic congressman Beto O’Rourke has spent the most online with a reported $5.4 million on 6,024 ads.

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