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YouTube advertisements will be sold via ‘Google Preferred' Network

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YouTube advertisements will be sold via ‘Google Preferred' Network

To enhance the quality of ad-supported content in Google Preferred program, Google wants to add inventory from YouTube TV which is a streaming service that will host the packages of top TV channels. Advertisers who are concerned about the quality of YouTube content will be happy with the addition of TV inventory.

This activity of adding premium TV content will start from NewFronts which is the annual digital ad event. Companies like Vice, Oath, and Twitter participate by demonstrating presentations to marketers in order to secure advertising commitments for their upcoming slates of programming.

Google is taking a new step by adding more premium content to Google Preferred in order to strengthen its service.

“Having more premium content, and access to more popular content, was always of interest to our advertisers,” said Debbie Weinstein, managing director for YouTube/Video Global Solutions. “We’re continuing to invest in making it great.”

For many years, the company allowed advertising on TV screens, boasting its ability to reach young consumers via mobile devices. Now, the video giant owned by Google is permitting advertisers to buy YouTube video ads on the TV screen. Digital marketing of companies through ads on TV inventory will contribute greatly to the companies’ fame.



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