Alexa Ingram Micro rolled out a new digital marketing platform
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Ingram Micro rolled out a new digital marketing platform

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Ingram Micro rolled out a new digital marketing platform

Ingram Micro Inc. launched their digital marketing program, Ingram Micro Partner Connect to make channel partners digitally visible for their brands, and streamline the digital marketing complexities with personalized service.

 “Making the move to digital marketing is a must for channel partners looking to build their brand and grow their business,” said Dennis Crupi, executive director, Marketing, Ingram Micro.

He added that Ingram Micro’s team is experienced and will simplify the digital content marketing by helping resellers get improved digital presence with personalized content, targeted Google Ad Word campaigns and real-time analytics.

Ingram Micro Partner Connect helps channel partners’ promotion via a software-as-a service (SaaS) based digital marketing platform.  

How is Ingram beneficial?

This digital marketing software helps in customizing content that reflects the company thoroughly. There will also be partner’s brand colors, logo and call-to-action messaging which is not available anywhere in this channel.

This platform helps in wide reach and provides real-time, data-based analytics, including end-user “fingerprinting.”

Coming to execution part, channel partners are free to display any type of content across innumerable online outlets which include social media, email, landing pages, and their corporate websites.



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