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New Advertising Standards

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New Advertising Standards

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has been here for 20 years with its trade group representing online publishers and advertisers. It has released new standards for mobile and web advertisers. We all very well know that not all publisher or advertiser online will follow these set of standards. But the new set of standards is important as they aim to establish best practices.

The new ad standards are here to create a balance where advertisers can make money and at the same time, users aren’t annoyed with ads and rush to install ad blockers. After being developed for nearly four years, IAB has released the finalized version of the publication now.

Technology is taking a whole new dimension and so is the world of advertising. The new standards offer guidelines around augmented reality, virtual reality, social media and also emojis. It comes as a part of the LEAN principles. LEAN principles include ads have features like being lightweight, encrypted and support AdChoices privacy controls.

According to the general manager of the IAB Lab Tech, Alanna Gombert, certain ad formats are going to see the end of the day. She is talking about ads that are like giants and take up the whole screen and prevents users from clicking through the content. In addition, there were some discussions regarding autoplay video and audio ads. Gombert promises that her team will dive deeper to create more detailed guidelines pertaining to this in the coming months.

Part of my charter was to create a workflow and a framework to release changes to all of our products, including the ad portfolio, in a very quick and seamless fashion. We’re not going to have another four year process!” Gombert added.

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