NFL makes a deal with Facebook

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NFL makes a deal with Facebook

Facebook is trying to build a video platform rivaling YouTube and chose NFL for this. NFL makes a new deal of posting video recaps from all 256 regular- season games this season to Facebook. For the Facebook’s recently launched Watch tab: “NFL Turning Point,” “NFL Game Recaps,” and “Sound FX”, NFL Films will be producing content packages in US.

“Turning Point” will break down key moments in big NFL games, while “Sound FX” will feature audio from select players who have a mic during games.

Each of the content packages will ascribe corresponding Facebook channels that can be liked by fans and followed too. “As social media companies become increasingly keen on acquiring video and live events, Facebook has extended its coverage of sports, buying NFL video highlights and in-depth recaps to show on the platform. It’s another example of Facebook’s continual transformation into a media powerhouse, representing an opportunity to take a large tactical bite of the video apple,” Krichefski ,CEO at Mediacom said.

He also added “But this isn’t really anything new. Traditional broadcasting rights are being shaken up by online-first organisations; take a look at Amazon’s recent purchase of the ATP tennis tour rights, or Twitter livestreaming parts of the PGA golf tour, both of which had previously uninterrupted exclusivity on television.”





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