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SimilarWeb raises $47 million for digital marketing; takes on Neilsen

Digital Marketing

SimilarWeb raises $47 million for digital marketing; takes on Neilsen

Companies are largely and increasingly depending upon digital marketing for their business growth. SimilarWeb has been offering analytics and insights about the performance of the websites and apps. It’s not just this. But it even gives you an insight about how the competitive websites and apps and their performance. Today it announced a fundraiser of $47 million. The company aims to continue building out its analytics, business development and acquisitions.

Of course there are other players too. SimilarWeb competes with the other companies like Nielsen. Both the companies offer similar services. However, in the case of Nielsen, its first product iteration was actually a Firefox plug-in that helped users find websites which were similar to the ones the users are already browsing.

In fact SimilarWeb has been taking out at Neilsen. The CEO of SimilarWeb Or Offer said, “Nielsen is still stuck in the TV age. We have an amazing set of data in market research, focusing on areas like conversions and audience insights, and we think we have the data to disrupt the whole of the market research world, as old models die with the shift into digital.”

 SimilarWeb is proud that more than half of Fortune 100 companies are using its products. In addition, around thousands of other CMOs, investors, analysts, marketing agencies and consultants and customers come in the list. The company believes the customers come to use their products not only to improve performance but also to figure out how to invest in marketing budgets.

SimilarWeb empowers some of the most notable global brands to better understand, grow, and track their digital market share, fueling the rapid adoption of SimilarWeb’s platform globally. With their proven technology, impressive team and global list of customers, the company is well positioned for accelerated growth and mass market penetration,” said Harel Beit-On, founder and general partner of Viola Growth.

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