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The 5 Best College Majors You Should Consider in 2022


The 5 Best College Majors You Should Consider in 2022

Picking a major that can pave the way for a successful career can be tricky. Not all students can pull it off. According to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York report, only 27% of college graduates manage to find jobs in the field of their majors. In large part, this is due to poor decision-making.

It is important that you do proper due diligence before making your call. There are many exciting opportunities out there. We’re going to help you to make an informed decision by reviewing the best college majors. This review will help you strike a balance between your needs and aspirations and the potential for building a successful career in the future. Keep scrolling to find out more.

- Tourism & hospitality management

The tourism industry is still reeling from the impact of the pandemic, but it is rebounding strongly. We see a sharp increase in demand for international travel. In some cities, people need to book hotels months ahead. This bodes well for all companies involved in the hospitality sector.

The college major in tourism and hospitality management envelops a broad range of subjects, including project planning and management, marketing, risk management, event planning, customer relations, and a lot more. Experts project a 10% growth of the sector in the next decade. The average salary is more than $50,000.

- Software engineering

This looks like a no-brainer given the burgeoning need for apps, games, and software. You won’t make a mistake by picking this major because of the vast opportunities you’ll have later.

The major focuses on designing and developing advanced software programs, computer architecture, and databases. During your college years, you can always hire essay writer to help you complete academic assignments timely. You can aim for a salary of around $130,000. The sector is projected to grow at 21% before the end of the decade.

- Computer science and cybersecurity

With relentless technological developments, computer science offers unlimited opportunities. Options are many. But the opportunities invite not only hard-working, aspiring people looking for career opportunities but also malicious hackers who want to exploit them for personal gain. That’s why companies and governments take cybersecurity seriously these days.

We’re going to see an unmatched spike in demand for proficient cybersecurity experts. Cyber-hardening of systems, hardware, and software is as important as never before. College majors in cybersecurity encompass mathematics, computer science, information technology, and communication, to name a few. The median salary is around $150,000, with a steady 3% increase every year.

- Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is another popular major. If you become adept at it, chances are you'll get one of the highest-paid jobs. College studies in this field will help you learn communications systems, digital systems and tools, everything about electronics, and many more.

If you manage to develop your study habits successfully, you can become a consummate professional earning $90,000 a year. The sector is likely to grow at 13% in the next decade.

-Visual and performing arts

Do you enjoy art? Have you ever wanted to become a world-famous film director? If you’re good at thinking outside the box, this college major might be for you. Learn everything about art, music, theater, and movies. Learn how you can use these media to both express yourself and earn a living.

The median salary is in the range of $50,000. Demand for jobs in the sector will go up by 14% before 2030.


Take time to carefully review your options before making your decision. Pick a major that meets your interests best, assess the potential for getting a well-paid salary later, and enjoy your studies!


Joanne Elliot is an accomplished writer and academic advisor. She has guided hundreds of students through the maze of degree programs and college study options to pick the ones that suited them best. Joanne enjoys sharing her experiences and tips online to offer her insights and recommendations to an even larger student audience.

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