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The endangered list might soon be including the city of Venice

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According to UNESCO, Venice ought to be included on a list of world heritage sites that are in danger.

According to a UNESCO report, the well-known Italian city faces "irreversible" damage due to excessive tourism, overdevelopment, and rising sea levels brought on by climate change.

The agency wants to promote better site preservation in the future.

The UNESCO report holds the Italian government accountable for their "lack of strategic vision" in addressing the issues facing one of Italy's most beautiful cities.

It is a setback for the authorities, who are charged with failing to safeguard the ancient city and its lagoon.

Two years prior, UNESCO had already suggested adding Venice to the danger list, but due to some last-minute emergency measures taken by the Italian government, this was avoided.

One of those initiatives, in particular, was the decision to prohibit large ships, such as cruise ships, from using the San Marco Canal and the pledge to start a comprehensive conservation program for the city.

Venice, which is surrounded by water, is particularly vulnerable to flooding as a result of the damaging effects of a warming planet, which is raising sea levels.

Additionally, every year, about 28 million visitors come to Venice. According to UNESCO, this results in an increase in urban expansion projects, which harms the city.

Globally, 55 World Heritage sites are listed by UNESCO as being "in danger," and the organization is actively monitoring an additional 204 sites because of the threats they are facing.

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