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FDA considers regulating CBD in foods and supplements due to safety concerns

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FDA considers regulating CBD in foods and supplements due to safety concerns

According to agency officials, the Food and Drug Administration is examining the safety of legal cannabis in foods and supplements and will make recommendations in the coming months on how to regulate the growing number of cannabis-derived products.

FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock, who is in charge of the agency's efforts to regulate cannabis, said that, based on what they know about CBD's safety, the FDA isn't sure if the existing regulatory pathways for food and dietary supplements are right for this substance.

Patrick Cournoyer, who heads the FDA office developing the agency's cannabis strategy, stated that the agency wants to know if CBD can be consumed safely on a daily basis for an extended period of time or during pregnancy, for instance. He expressed concern regarding future fertility.

In 2018, Congress legalised hemp and its products but left their regulation to the FDA. Since then, manufacturers of products such as CBD oil have operated without federal regulations governing their production or distribution, while some states have implemented their own sets of regulations.

Large corporations have refrained from investing in the sector pending the agency's determination of whether cannabis-derived products can be classified as food or dietary supplements rather than drugs. However, cannabis-derived products continue to proliferate. The FDA predicted in a 2021 report that the $4.6 billion market would quadruple by 2026.

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