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How to Scale Up Your Soft Drink Company

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How to Scale Up Your Soft Drink Company

No matter what industry you are in, it is always a struggle to compete against the corporate giants that have been in business for many years. They have an established brand. However, even small startups have been known to surpass the giants, but it will take a concerted effort on everyone involved in growing that startup.

If you are the owner of a soft drink company that has any hope of competing in the world of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and even Fanta, there are some tips you could use to your advantage. It may all start with scaling up your company a notch or two, and here are some tips on how to do just that.

Carefully Align Yourself With the Right Copacker

As you begin scaling up your soft drink company and the orders start coming in more and more rapidly, you will want to align yourself with the right copacker. This would be a company contracted to pack and label your products but without having a great deal of access to your intellectual property. It has been suggested that you keep your specific formula within the company. Don’t give them access to anything other than what they need to pack and ship your product.

Also, make sure you enter into a scalable relationship with your copacker. To ensure that you can add more or less product over time to be packaged, get that in writing in your initial contract. Just as you have the freedom to manufacture more or less product, you want the ability to have more or less product packaged as well without incurring a penalty.

Sign Nothing Until You’ve Inspected a Partner’s Facility

Let’s look again at that copacker for just a moment. Never sign a contract with a company that will be handling your product without first doing a visual inspection of their facility. They may have just upgraded their multipackers purchased from Douglas Secondary Packing Solutions, but unless you observe their operation firsthand, don’t sign anything. Douglas Secondary Solutions is a renowned name in the industry but how your co-packer operates may be up for debate. The best equipment in the world can’t guarantee it is being operated accurately.

Marketing Is Key

Finally, we come to the point where you may be wondering how it will be possible to compete in a world of corporate giants like the Coke company. Perhaps the best advice would be not to try! Instead, hire an expert marketing firm with a long history of success for their clients.

The right marketing team would enlist the help of brand ambassadors with highly visible profiles. Once your soft drink is embraced by someone as famous as a top entertainer, you can be assured your products will be sampled by their followers. With the right brand ambassadors and celebs endorsing your product, you can’t help but look for exponential growth. In other words, don’t compete with the corporate giants, let the celebs do that for you!

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