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Amazon introduces their new updates to their AI gadget


Amazon introduces their new updates to their AI gadget

Amazon introduces the updated version of their Echo devices, talking about bringing in ChatGPT style of AI technology.

Amazon’s Echo devices have seemingly been given a new update that has promised to introduce ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence, to the companies famous Alexa-powered-gadgets.

The digital assistant has been a huge hit among homes across the world, with the built in home set with multiple languages available. Amazon’s senior vice president of Devices & Services, Dave Limp, said during an interview that the foundation to introduce rival technologies and enable ChatGPT was in order to help gather enough information from the web in short, and essentially help Alexa with different languages.

Limp further added that the update involving new conversational abilities will come into play gradually. According to him the innovation is not years away, but cannot be readily available due to the issues that need to be solved.

Even though Limp reported that the usage of Alexa devices was up 35% from the previous year and that buying via the assistant had increased by 40%, there were still a few things to work on and solve a few customer issues. Amazon does not disclose quarterly or annual sales for its products. The software excels at timing tasks and giving out news updates, but it sometimes has trouble with challenging questions or tasks requiring discussion.

Limp stated that, Amazon is creating its own generative AI slowly, with precaution. How Alexa interacts with several family members in a home and how to stop the software from creating lies, are two problems the business is trying to address.

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