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Redfall's ‘disappointing,’ says Phil Spencer, and pledged to continue improving the game

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Redfall's ‘disappointing,’ says Phil Spencer, and pledged to continue improving the game

Redfall is now available, and let's just say it's not good. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer expressed his "disappointment" with the game's current state in an interview and offered his apologies to the players for having fallen so far short.

Spencer expressed his disappointment and anger towards himself. Additionally, he said that after the announcement of 60 frames per second, he kind of went back over their production process, but the game wasn't shipping at that frame rate. He acknowledges that was a bit of a chin-punch for them a couple of weeks ago, and it was justified. Then, when the game was released, the critical reception was not what the company had hoped for.

Although there are undoubtedly issues with quality, Spencer claimed that delaying Redfall's release wouldn't have resolved its most pressing issues because Redfall wasn't achieving the team's goals for its players' creativity.

Microsoft seems to have been caught off guard by everything. According to Spencer, based on Microsoft's internal mock reviews, the Redfall review scores were double-digits lower than what Microsoft had anticipated.

Despite the rocky beginning, Spencer insisted that Microsoft and Arkane were fully committed to fixing and enhancing Redfall, likening it to Sea of Thieves and Grounded, which evolved from less-than-stellar launches into well-liked successes.

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