Rocket League for Mobile is in the works and may launch soon

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Rocket League for Mobile is in the works and may launch soon

Rocket League has been one of the biggest hits in competitive gaming for PC in the past few years. Now, Epic Games, which has recently acquired its publisher Psyonix, plans to launch it in full feature for mobile devices, including iOS and Android. A “highly confidential” slide from Epic Games, posted by The Verge, reveals some of Epic’s plans for the future of Rocket League.

It’s also shown that there’ll be a Rocket League “rebuilt for touch controls.” This version of the game appears to be more of a side-scroll situation, with a shared social graph with console and PC game friend lists and cross-platform gameplay. This is a different release from the multiple 3rd-party initiatives also called Rocket League 2D.

There are not many details about the development, but “Rocket League Next” would put a “next-generation client with full game experience across all platforms, including mobile.” This means that the new version for mobiles will be a whole new experience, from touch controls to other features.

The new version could be in beta on mobile, possibly arriving as soon as this quarter of 2021, which means by the end of June. Fortnite has been recently in controversy for bypassing Apple App Store fees and allowing native in-app purchases. The popularity of Rocket League and Fortnite may certainly boost Epic Game’s revenue and give it another reason to survive and fight back against App Store policies.

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