The Allen Integrated Cell helps to understand cancer better


The Allen Integrated Cell helps to understand cancer better

Doctors can now visualize what the structures inside a cell look like with the latest tool created by scientists using artificial intelligence. The Allen Integrated Cell, as it’s called presents 3D visuals of the cell. The tool is available online for free and is going to help researchers and doctors to better understand diseases.

With the focus on stem cells, the Allen Integrated Cell will help to better understand cells infected with cancer. “This can help us ‘roll back in time’ from a cancer cell to observe the changes that are happening, and detect them as early as possible,” says Greg Johnson, a scientist at the Allen Institute.

Intelligent Cells

As the scientists engineered the cells genetically, the internal structures of the cell started glowing. The images of the glowing structures were captured and fed to machine learning algorithms. The interesting part was that the algorithms developed to predict the shape and location of structures in any given cell.

The bright-field imaging is the simplest and also the cheapest kind of cell imagining in healthcare. Hence, this predictive analysis is important as it has made cell study cheaper and effective. This means that the Allen Integrated Cell can look at a bright-field image and then tell the person studying it what it exactly looks like inside the cell.

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