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Amazon and Cerner team up for Healthcare Data


Amazon and Cerner team up for Healthcare Data

With the Amazon’s annual conference around the corner, the company will be showcasing different ways of cloud computing in strategic markets. Cerner, the healthcare tech giant, is teaming up with Amazon Web Services. Jointly, the companies are going to work in analyzing clinical data and predict available treatments.

Since Cerner is already an AWS customer, the joint venture is going to be the center of expansion of Cerner’s Healtheintent product running on AWS. The partnership will give customers of AWS better healthcare focused tools for running their healthcare applications in the cloud. 

Electronic records technology for healthcare providers and employers are one of the specialized things that are developed by Cerner. The company also designed Healtheintent for large-scale “population level” health data. By utilizing Healtheintent, healthcare providers and local officials can use this data to predict health problems for individual patients and populations. This further helps in matching patients and treatments more effectively.

On the other hand, AWS has already been well into healthcare for a long time now. This is part of the company’s strategy of adopting cloud computing in nearly every significant vertical market that might benefit from it.

According to a report from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare will be the single largest component of the U.S. economy by 2026. This makes sense now as healthcare companies are setting up their own data centers to accommodate that growth.


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