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On May 11, the Biden administration intends to lift the Covid emergency


On May 11, the Biden administration intends to lift the Covid emergency

In a statement released on Monday, the White House said that it would end the public health and national emergencies that the Trump administration had first proclaimed in 2020 on May 11.

The Office of Management and Budget released a statement in which it made clear that the White House vehemently opposed any legislation from the House Republicans that would immediately eliminate the use of emergency designations. Hospitals can now react more quickly to rises in patient volume during Covid surges thanks to the public health and national emergencies.

Medicaid enrollment has also increased as a result of Congress effectively prohibiting states from removing participants due to the public health emergency. States are permitted to begin removing people off Medicaid in April thanks to a clause buried away in federal spending legislation that was approved in December.

In order to give the healthcare system enough time to be ready for business as usual, the Health and Human Services Department has agreed to give states 60 days' notice before declaring the emergency over. Since January 2020, the virus has developed into new strains and thrown numerous curveballs, resulting in the extension of the public health emergency every 90 days. This month's emergency was only recently extended by HHS.

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