Alexa Fitbit now has a fitness tracker for kids
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Fitbit now has a fitness tracker for kids


Fitbit now has a fitness tracker for kids

The new fitness tracker called Ace has been launched by Fitbit. Designed for kids aged 8 years and older, the fitness tracker is meant exclusively for kids. A big dip in physical activity and the rise in weights among kids today have raised the overall healthcare related costs of children all over the world. Ace, in this context, is intended to inspire kids to be more active.

With Fitbit trading at the highest market prices in 2018, the company is making a good push to get kids started at an early age. The kids can grow up loyal and young on this Fitbit platform to form its adult customer base.

Ace comes with a five-day battery life, tracks activity minutes, sleep patterns and goals. It shows celebratory messages when you reach a particular goal. It also sends push notifications if it observes a long period of inactivity in a kid using the technology. Ace can keep an activity program for a kid that uniquely suits him or her. It also comes with a parental control set up that will give the parents the capability to regulate their kids’ usage of this fitness band and their overall activity.

The Ace is available on Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target and Fitbit’s website. Available at an attractive price of $99.95, the price point doesn’t hurt either.

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