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Human Longevity predicts your Future Health


Human Longevity predicts your Future Health

Human Longevity is a San Diego based company that was founded by Craig Venter and Peter Diamonds. They have gene sequencing services and have collected large amounts of data of sequenced genomes. In fact, they have the world’s largest database of it. And now, they are able to predict how your future health looks.

Health Nucleus is the clinical research center of HL. Here patients can sign up for information regarding their cardiovascular, cancer, neurodegenerative and other metabolic diseases. They have reports that show that nearly 40 percent of the people who underwent the screening process have ‘something pretty serious wrong’. They were able to scan and find tumors which were still in its infancy and zero stage. The effect of this will be huge. Depending upon the results, a person can change his lifestyle and habits and walk toward a healthy life.

Based on the data that they have, it was found out that humans differ from each other in about 3 percent, approximately. And that is what matters in knowing the makeup of individual unique percentage. “Every day we are making major discoveries because of all this data”, Craig Venter said to the hosts of ‘Squawk Box’.

Speaking of his own personal experience, Venter said he found about his own prostate cancer through the screening tests. He even found out about the risk of heart disease and a high percentage of liver fat encouraging him to start shedding some pounds.

Currently, the screening tests costs anywhere from $4,900 to $25,000, depending upon the screening. But HL insists that the investment put into your health is wealth. Knowing about the tumor before it advances is something that technology is advancing toward a better healthcare. After all, HL says that they are your health intelligence partner.

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