Microsoft launches its ‘AI for Health' initiative


Microsoft launches its ‘AI for Health' initiative

Microsoft has announced the launch of its $40 million AI for Health initiative. It is a five-year program that will help researchers and organizations with AI enhance the health of communities across the globe. The program will be under the company’s Microsoft AI for Good program which is a $165 million initiative to empower researchers, nonprofits and organizations with the latest technology.

The AI for Health initiative will be focusing mainly on three focus areas- Quest for discovery, Global health insights, and Health equity. The initiative complements the broader work of the company in healthcare. The company is looking to help thousands of specific nonprofits and support academic collaboration with Microsoft’s leading scientists. The initiative will also give people access to the best AI tools and cloud computing. The company will also be giving out cash grants.

John Kahan, the Chief Data Analytics Officer of Microsoft will be heading the AI for Health initiative. Announcing the initiative, he said: “I am honored to lead AI for Health as part of my mission at Microsoft to fuse AI and data to address the world’s greatest challenges. As a tech company, it is our responsibility to ensure that organizations working on the most pressing societal issues have access to our latest AI technology and the expertise of our technical talent.”

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