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HP Ingredients will launch a new version of tongkat ali LJ100 ingredient


HP Ingredients will launch a new version of tongkat ali LJ100 ingredient

A new sort of microencapsulated LJ100 tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) will be rolled out by HP Ingredients, a manufacturer and supplier of safe, branded, patented, science-based, clinically proven nutraceutical herbal extracts.

This version will be exhibited at SupplySide West trade show in Las Vegas in the month of November. LJ100 focuses on men’s health and sports nutrition sections which seems to be successful compared to its predecessor.

Annie Eng, the company’s CEO said that with this new version they can aid brand marketer partners get into categories like functional food and drink which was impossible earlier because of the excessive bitterness of LJ100.

Annie said this version will help the formulators include in everything right from pre-workout powder drinks and nutrition and energy bars to weight-loss drinks, RTD energy drinks chocolate, candies etcetera.

This new microencapsulated version helps in defending the active ingredients and releasing active compounds gradually. It secures the ingredients from oxygen, heat moisture and enhances bioavailability, shelf life, and stability.

“Using a highly modified, proprietary fluid-bed arrangement, LJ100 is coated with a protective food-grade shell the size of a human hair made of vegetable oil,” the company explains. “This creates a barrier to help mask the bitterness of LJ100 and to preserve the active.”

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