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This startup will tell you which vitamins to take


This startup will tell you which vitamins to take

Nutrigene’s CEO Min Fitzgerald spoke at a tech conference this week where she showcased her company’s personalized vitamin subscription service. The healthcare startup's CEO talked about how it is improving lives by providing customized vitamin doses based on genetic data.

Nutrigene allows you to avail its service like any other subscription. You just need to upload your basic information and your lab work, to create your complete health profile. The startup’s researchers use decades of peer-reviewed research based on genetics and BMI to create personalized liquid based vitamin diet that you can get in your mail every month.

Vitamin deficiency is one of the many factors that lead to chronic illnesses like heart diseases and osteoporosis. Although your lifestyle and the spaces you inhabit contribute greatly to your health, genetics too play a part in how prone you are to illnesses. The CEO and Co-Founder started the company after realizing that genetic build and lifestyle choices dictate how prone we are to various diseases. In a world where we believe in reactive healthcare, Nutrigene is all about taking care of your health before anything happens.

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